Engineering Services

We handle various challenging projects where time and quality are crucial factors. We work with a high level of commitment to add value to our clients through well optimized project processes.
Our Development Fields are in:
a) CAD/CAM Trainings
b) Engineering Projects
c) Internship Programmes
d) Staff Outsourcing
e) Robotics Trainings
f) Technical Workshops

Embedded & Robotics

We offer our services of Embedded and Robotics to various industries across diverse segments to assist them in addressing numerous challenges related to Safety,surveillance and inspection
We are Expertise in:
a) Water level Controllers
b) Automation in Home Appliances
c) Intelligent Robots
d) GPS-Tracking Vehicles
e) Customised Vending Machines
f) Industrial Robots

New Product Development

Our main motto is to develop smart and customised products at affordable cost which can reach common people all over the world
Our Development Fields are in:
a) Electric Vehicles
b) Agricultural Machinery
c) Electronic Goods
d) Medical Equipments
e) Automobile
f) E-Commerce(CAD E-Learning)

CAD/CAM Trainings

We have started our business operations in CAD/CAM Trainings in 2016, We have trained around 3000+ Mechanical and Agriculture Engineering Students on various CAD/CAM Courses.
Our Expertise in:
1) Part Modelling & Surface Design
2) Assembling & Drafting
3) Sheet Metal Operations
4) Rendering & Tracing
5) Structural, Thermal & Model Analysis.
6) Dynamic Implicit Analysis(Crash Test)
7) CFD Analysis