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Live Projects for BTech/Mtech (All Branches)

We Provide Live Projects for BTech and MTech students with real time working kits , We do Projects for Mechanical, Electronics and Electrical,Civil and CSE Branches

Fabrication Projects for BTech

We are Expertise in Fabrication Projects for Mechanical and Electronics branches, We do working models along with prototypes at very low cost with 100% output

New Product Development

Nxg main motto is to Develop new products in the areas like Agriculture Machinery,Health Equipments,Electronics Components.

Electric Bicycle kits

We are expertise in E-vehicles , we fabricate electric bicycles as well as provide conversion kits for vehicles of all ranges

Industrial Training /Interships

We Provide 6 months Industrial training for Diploma all Branches and also provide 30 days internship for BTech Mechanical and Electronics Branch

Training & Placement

Training and Placement is our major activity in which we provide Training for Diploma/BTech Mechanical and provide placement opportunity in core Industry

Reshaping the World

We Design,Modify and Fabricate

Live Projects for BTech/Mtech

We Provide Projects for all branches in BTech ( Mechanical,ECE,EEE,Agriculture,CSE,Civil) and MTech( CAD/CAM,Machine Design and Thermal Engineering), We are expertise in Fabrication projects as we provide protoypes and working models like Embedded kits, Arduino kits, Raspberry Pie, Mechanical Machines, Robotics Projects, Intelligent Robots, Electro Mechanical Projects, Mechatronics, Agriculture Machinery, Automobile Projects, Electric Vehicle Projects, Etc. We also provide CAD/CAM Projects with Design and Analysis support

Industrial Training /Internships

We Provide 6 Months Industrial training for Diploma Mechanical, Diploma Electronics, Diploma Civil and Diploma Electrical on Various Softwares and Hardwares Which are used in their Respective core Industries , Also Internship opportunities for BTech Mechanical and BTech ECE students along with placement opportunity, On Successful Completion of their course they will be awarded Certificate and Score card for their performance dueing their Industrial Training/Internship, Industrial Atmosphere is created during the Training period , Everything is documented by the students during their training period .

Electric Vehicles Fabrication

We are the Best in Electric Vehicle Design and Fabrication,We also Convert regular Vehicle into EV using our conversion kits.Our team is enough capable of Designing vehicle as per client requirements ,We follow certain standards and rules in designing and fabricating of the vehicle, We are Authorized Partners with Automobes ,we are expertise in E-Bicycle manufacturing with high security features,We also Convert your ordinary Bicycle into Electrified vehicle. Our motto is to launch 10k vehicles by the end of 2020.

Embedded Systems and Arduino projects

We Provide Custom Electronic Design, Custom PCB board designs and also IOT Product design, We design & manufacture various types of custom electronic products at affordable costs along with high quality of work, We also provide customized arduino boards and Raspberry pie boards,we can provide different types of customized electronice products like water level controllers, tap sensors, gps trackers,etc, recently we launched our products in the areas of hospitals, home appliances,automobiles and agriculture equipments.

Training & Placements

Every Diploma/Engineering Student works hard to get a secured job in their respective core field, here in Next Generation Engineers we provide students with Technical Training in their respective sectors and get them placed in core industries.During training period we cover Technical part,Software,Practical and Drawing concepts for Mechanical Engineering Students, Training Duration will be 6 months

Recent Placements

Our Recent Placements